Our most popular board and the future of high performance surfing is Coil’s  state-of-the-art shortboard. Always being updated, tuned, and honed to reflect the latest in rider feedback. Coil Construction technology allows shapers Kirk Brasington and Mike Daniel to go places with design that simply can’t be touched in conventional boards. Personalized to fit the waves YOU surf with a variety of tail outlines and other more subtle adjustments. Not a CNC-milled version of last years design or a molded ‘’oldy’’.
Add ½’’ of width all over the Qualifier, subtract 1’’-2’’ of length, relax the entry rocker a bit, and you’ve got the widerboard. Aimed at average surf around the world. Tight radius turning and easy speed for boosting. Longer, thicker versions are excellent for bigger (and/or older) surfers who still want high performance capability in their board.
More Models, more info on the way!!!